Emma’s Photo Shoot by Yours Truly

One of my favorite things about being interested in photography is being able to practice on my kids.  They are definitely my favorite subjects!  They make it interesting.  I’m not a fan of stiff posed photography at all.  I know sometimes you just have to and it can be useful but I love the candid shots, the unusual.  That’s the artsy fartsy me coming out again.  Blogger is telling me that fartsy is not spelled right with that red squigly line underneath.  😉  Ok, so it’s not a word.  Neither is squigly or Ok.  Well they count as words on this blog! 🙂

A week after Emma’s birthday we drove up to our property where we have been building our house.  I took my camera and we had our own little photo shoot.  Here are some of the ones I thought were the best.

081 073 068 065 053 046 039 034 022 016 081 065