“All of this is self-imposed.  Don’t give into what society tells you to do.”

This is what he (my husband) told me a couple of weeks ago as I huffed and puffed about how overwhelming life can be.  There is always so much to do!  Christmas was just around the corner and I was trying to decide how to decorate for our first Christmas in the house, and I had a birthday party to arrange, not to mention cleaning and homeschooling and groceries, and blah blah blah.

But he was right.  Half of what I think I HAVE to do I don’t really need to do.  This can be applied to many areas of life but since the holiday season is upon us, I have really started to think about how to approach Christmas this year.  For some reason the KISS principle comes to mind.  I don’t mean the band.  Please, no.   “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is what the acronym stands for.


I don’t want to get caught up in the pressure to get the best deals, decorate the prettiest tree, battle the anxious and stressed out crowds in order to check everyone off my list.  I want to keep it simple.

I’ve been pondering this for several days and today I read Ann Voskamp’s latest post at  “When you’re tired and ready for a Christmas Revolution” is the title.

And seriously, yes.  Just call me a rebel.

I’m ready for that revolution.