Where the green grass grows and the stars shine brighter

It smells new.  Like fresh paint and wood.

A new house complete but waiting to be made a home.  Dishes put away and welcome mat laid down in anticipation of  friends and family come to visit.

It’s quiet but a very welcome calm.  And dark outside.

He takes a break from his work to walk to the front door and beckon me outside.  “I want to show you something”, he says.

Curiosity forces me out into the cold and down the dark front steps holding his hand so as not to stumble.

“Now look up.”

Glorious dark sky and too many stars to count.  Only One knows the number.  He who created them and little me.

They shine brighter here where the lights of the city can’t dull their brilliance and splendor.

It’s just too awesome!

And it’s just so humbling.

He determines the number of stars; he gives to all of them their names.  Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.  Ps. 147:4-5


Blessings Abound


Sunday the kids and I went up to see the latest changes to the house.  We are getting close.  So close.  Many things yet to be done but every day, every week, gets us closer.


Just turning down that country road that leads to our place gives me a sense of peace.   Like I want to just take a really deep, cleansing breath.


I have always liked long driveways.  Now I have one.  And a country gate.


Blessings abound.  I don’t deserve any of it.  Thank you, God, for the GOOD in my life.