Bluebirds, Flowers, and a Garden Spot

We have bluebirds!

Ok, let me back up.  Some friends gave us this gorgeous birdhouse when we moved in.  Just a week ago Cory fastened it to the top of one of our gate posts.

And we already have occupants!  Bluebirds!  How lovely is that?

What’s so interesting is that I was REALLY, REALLY hoping that bluebirds would be the first to claim it.  I think God delights to surprise us with little things that we have only just had thoughts of.





012Welcome little blue bird.:)


And to the “taming the land”  part of this blog.  There is always something to do out here.  Grass cutting, landscaping, garden planning, chicken coop talking, etc.

Well, we had this spot near the garage that JUST wouldn’t grow grass.  Every time it rained it a large puddle would form.  So, Cory took care of that problem this weekend!

001I should say Cory and Cody, actually.  Cody will work right along side his daddy all day long.  He loves to work and gets it honest.







Next project will probably be the garden.



That big green spot right there to the left that hasn’t been mowed is where the garden will be.  Next up: A farmer friend and a tractor to till it up!

Happy Gardening!