My Pride and Joy



Tonight as she got in the tub for her bath she exclaimed, “This is my last night taking a bath as an 8 year-old!”

And after climbing into bed she said, “This is my last night going to bed as an 8 year-old.”

“Stop it.  I will NOT let you turn 9, ok?  I won’t.”

She looked at me with hands on hips, “Mom, you can’t stopppp me.”


Dang it.

Tomorrow she turns 9 and I can’t do anything about it.  I now have the same amount of time left with her as I have already had.

I still remember (how could I possibly forget!) the moment I found out about her.  She was a surprise but I so wanted that pregnancy test to be positive!

Tears of happiness flowed as I saw that test show positive.  I’m pretty sure I twirled around a few times (maybe even shrieked) in that tiny apartment all by myself.

And now she’s turning 9 tomorrow.  What in the world?

She has been such a joy!  I just really can’t imagine life without her, actually.  God knew I wanted a baby girl and blessed us with her little self on December 1st, 2003.

So tomorrow we CELEBRATE!

Happy Birthday to our Emma!  

Emma with dandelion


3 thoughts on “My Pride and Joy

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Emma! I remember the day you were born and waiting for you to arrive at the hospital. May you continue to be a blessing and joy to your wonderful parents!

  2. Wishing you a beautiful birthday, Emma. You are blessed with a wonderful family and you are a blessing to your family.

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