Fun Friday Field Trip

I love field trips with my kids.  Especially if they involve being outside.

Yesterday we went to Reedy Creek Park and Nature Preserve and I can’t think why we don’t go more often!  They have the coolest playground area nestled in the woods with lots of trails and a nature center with a few select animals (ex. turtles, toads, snakes, etc.) and a play area.  It’s so fun for the kids and educational too!

But THIS time we took a little hike to see the rock house ruins.  The last time we visited this park was back in the Spring and during that visit I learned of this excavated site back in the woods maybe about a 1.5 mile hike.  I was intrigued!  I knew I wanted to come back and see what THAT was all about.  So I waited allll Summer long.  And then yesterday we hiked the trail.  I say hike but it was really just a lovely walking trail. It kind of reminded me of an indian trail in some places where it narrowed to a “beaten path” sort of appearance.

The weather was all sorts of perfect. 🙂 The leaves were still pretty but sparse enough so that we could see through the woods for quite a distance.

Beautiful day for a hike.

And finally we arrived at the ruins.




It made me think of the people who once lived here.  The woman who made it a home.  The children who played inside and all around.

And then there was this gigantic tree that grew and fell right here only just a few feet from the house.

Very old tree

I’d say it grew for a very VERY long time before it was finally brought down by natural forces.



Then we hiked back and it took us awhile because someone couldn’t keep up. 🙂

Oh the life.  😉



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