Have fun with your kids!

Chimney Rock

This is where I took my kids today.

Chimney Rock.

I think it’s pretty cool to be able to go to the coast and to the mountains all in one month.  I heart North Carolina.  Oh, and October.  I love, love, love October!

I’ve been wanting to visit Chimney Rock.  I’ve only been through the town once with Cory AGES ago but never actually been to the Chimney.  And if you can believe it my kids have never been to the mountains either!  I also wanted to see the changing foliage so off we went.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

One Pumpkin Spice Latte to set the mood and breakfast for all.

American Flag on top of Chimney Rock

One thing that I was not prepared for as I began to climb the stairs with my two oldest in front of me and the youngest in a carrier on my back was how FREAKED OUT I was to be so high with my precious children.  There was a railing around the entire thing but I kept envisioning one of them losing all sense and just leaping off the top and plunging to their death.  Morbid, I know.  So unfortunately this was not my favorite of all the things we did or saw today.  I was still glad we made the climb though!

On the top of the Chimney.
I’m not sure what he’s looking at but I think he’s just so handsome.
Don’t let my calm demeanor fool you. I was more than ready to climb down and say “been there, done that.”
Hickory Nut Falls

After we ate lunch we hiked to the Hickory Nut Falls.  One things is for sure, though.  Hiking with a 2 year-old on your back is no joke.  I think I need to be re-adjusted!

Hickory Nut Falls

Ice cream sandwiches for all after our hike.
Woodland Trail (for kids)

I took a whole bunch of pictures but here are just a few.  After one stop to get some bottles of water, two more potty break stops, and fighting against Charlotte rush hour traffic we finally got home in time to eat some dinner and get everyone into bed.  It was a full day but lots of fun and plenty of memory making!


One thought on “Have fun with your kids!

  1. You truly are amazing, Tara! I would have been freaked out too! Loved your pictures and impressed by your adventurous spirit today. Thanks for sharing!

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