She believed she could, so she did.

“Tara daydreams too much. She just stares out the window.” said one of my grade school teachers once. Or something to that effect.

It was true! Although much has changed since I was in grade school, that one part of me never has.  I wouldn’t want it to.  I guess I kind of like that about me.  <stares out the window>

The sunrise was so pretty this morning! I ran outside to take a picture.

Of course.

Anyways, back to the subject.  😉 Of course, since I’m a dreamer, I have many, many dreams.  Some outshine others and many have come true over the years.

I will share just a couple of the bigger dreams that I still have:

1. Travel (the list is long and it’s growing)

2. Write a book

Now I just need the time and money.  No biggie. 😉


~she was a beautiful dreamer. 

the kind of girl who kept her head in the clouds, loved

above the stars, and left regret

beneath the earth she walked on. ~

r.m. drake 


Dream on and dream big!




Time to Write

I’m back and ready to roll! It’s like I just got a fresh new desire to blog again.  I even changed the look and the name.  I hope ya’ll like it.  I think I do! It’s like my desire to write and the inspiration to write has returned but now I don’t know what to write about.  Hmmm.  But, I’ve heard that the hardest part is just making yourself sit down to do it.  I think that’s probably true.  My goal is to try at least once a week to write something, anything, and see what happens.  You may never hear from me again and that would be embarrassing. So here’s to lighting a fire under my own butt because I don’t like being embarrassed.  🙂


“All of this is self-imposed.  Don’t give into what society tells you to do.”

This is what he (my husband) told me a couple of weeks ago as I huffed and puffed about how overwhelming life can be.  There is always so much to do!  Christmas was just around the corner and I was trying to decide how to decorate for our first Christmas in the house, and I had a birthday party to arrange, not to mention cleaning and homeschooling and groceries, and blah blah blah.

But he was right.  Half of what I think I HAVE to do I don’t really need to do.  This can be applied to many areas of life but since the holiday season is upon us, I have really started to think about how to approach Christmas this year.  For some reason the KISS principle comes to mind.  I don’t mean the band.  Please, no.   “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is what the acronym stands for.


I don’t want to get caught up in the pressure to get the best deals, decorate the prettiest tree, battle the anxious and stressed out crowds in order to check everyone off my list.  I want to keep it simple.

I’ve been pondering this for several days and today I read Ann Voskamp’s latest post at  “When you’re tired and ready for a Christmas Revolution” is the title.

And seriously, yes.  Just call me a rebel.

I’m ready for that revolution.



New York

I had been telling her for years now that I was coming to visit.  “Ok, honey, that would be lovely.” she’d say.  And I knew she meant it.  She would come down from the state of NY to visit us here and I would say, “I’m going to come up there.  I am.”

“That would be so nice.  We will have so much fun!” she’d tell me.

Then out of the blue I texted her and asked if the weekend of the 18th would work?  October.  I want to fly up and I’m bringing Emma.  And of course she said YES.


Emma was more than excited for her first airplane ride and I was thrilled to experience it with her.  Thankfully, we had no problems at all and the pilots on the first flight even let her see inside the cockpit.


Gram was there waiting for us when we arrived in Elmira and what a fun, relaxing weekend we had.  I am so thankful that I was able to finally get up there and also take my daughter.  I knew she would love it and would come back with her own memories of such a special time.

We visited with some of my cousins, my aunts, and my very favorite uncle, all of whom I hadn’t seen in about 4 years.  We went for trail walks and drank coffee and Gram taught Emma to play a song on the piano.  We also went by the old house on Main Street where my mom grew up.  She also bought me a garden flag, because that’s her thing, buying me garden flags.  And I love it.  It fits my new house.

Here are some pictures from our trip.










008Emma hit it off with my cousins right away and had a blast playing with them!

009My favorite Uncle Rusty came by for a visit.



And all too soon it was time to come home but we didn’t leave empty-handed.  We came back with many lovely memories! And a garden flag, too.



A few little updates and GARDEN pictures!

010 013 014 015 018 020 027

Can you see how much our garden has grown since my last post??! I love it.  In this last picture Emma is checking out her cantaloupe plants and noticed some little round fuzzy sprouts tonight.  She was really excited!

I spotted our groundhog this morning making his usual way across the top of the yard where the grass is tall. He must have a routine because I always see him in the same area.  He better stay away from our veggies!  Then yesterday morning we woke up and looked out our back windows to see two doe.

Our puppy has grown a lot!  I’ll try to add more pictures next time.  She’s fun and a pain in the butt all at the same time!

Also we sold our townhouse in the city!  The closing date is set for next week!  Another chapter closed.  Finally.

One recent change that has happened here at our house is Cory’s new job.  He was hired for another sales position at a company he would describe as the most desired wholesale company.  And they came looking for him!  Say what?! Yep, he’s that good.  What else can I say?  I’m happy for him.  His hard work has paid off and he is seeing the rewards for it.

And as for the kids and me, we just keep truckin’ along and doing what we do.  We are glad for the summertime and all of the fun stuff that comes along with it.  We are trying to stay busy without being too busy to avoid going crazy if that makes any sense?  So this summer will be the pool and the beach and the library and visiting family and friends and who knows.

More updates and pictures later!

Bluebirds, Flowers, and a Garden Spot

We have bluebirds!

Ok, let me back up.  Some friends gave us this gorgeous birdhouse when we moved in.  Just a week ago Cory fastened it to the top of one of our gate posts.

And we already have occupants!  Bluebirds!  How lovely is that?

What’s so interesting is that I was REALLY, REALLY hoping that bluebirds would be the first to claim it.  I think God delights to surprise us with little things that we have only just had thoughts of.





012Welcome little blue bird.:)


And to the “taming the land”  part of this blog.  There is always something to do out here.  Grass cutting, landscaping, garden planning, chicken coop talking, etc.

Well, we had this spot near the garage that JUST wouldn’t grow grass.  Every time it rained it a large puddle would form.  So, Cory took care of that problem this weekend!

001I should say Cory and Cody, actually.  Cody will work right along side his daddy all day long.  He loves to work and gets it honest.







Next project will probably be the garden.



That big green spot right there to the left that hasn’t been mowed is where the garden will be.  Next up: A farmer friend and a tractor to till it up!

Happy Gardening!





Glorious Spring


This is pretty close to how I feel about it too.  Warm weather, green grass, sunshine, flowers, and children playing outside where they belong….I’m soaking it up!

Because we moved into our new home at the beginning of February (so NOT a winter person by the way) this will obviously be the first time we will be able to watch everything blossom and green up.  The leaves have really exploded this week!

018 017 024 027 032

The creatures are out in full force as well.  We saw deer several weeks ago and I’ve noticed tracks behind the house where the grass was bare.  Add to the list a copperhead that met an untimely death thanks to Pop P. who was out walking with the boys one night while Cory and I were on a date.  There were also two bats in the garage, one of which also met an untimely death because he just wouldn’t vacate the property.  Not to mention a few mice.  Untimely deaths as well.  Wait, is there a theme here?  Mice are cute.  Especially when they look up at you in surprise when you lift the lid to the outside garbage can.  But when they climb in your husbands engine and (well we assume it’s a mouse, I mean what else could it be?) the stench of death assaults his nostrils?  Not so cute.

Turkeys!  We’ve seen turkeys.  And I looked out the front window last week just in time to see a groundhog run across the driveway and into the woods.  Just this morning I woke up and looked out our bedroom window just as a racoon came bumbling across the backyard.  Then there are the ever familiar squirrels and birds.  Beautiful birds.  Cardinals, bluebirds, bluejays, and robins are some that I’ve recognized, but there are others.  I love it out here.

001 004

In the next few days we will be releasing 5 butterflies that we have watched go through the process of metamorphosis.  I hope to take pictures for the next post.  Stay tuned….:)

Where the green grass grows and the stars shine brighter

It smells new.  Like fresh paint and wood.

A new house complete but waiting to be made a home.  Dishes put away and welcome mat laid down in anticipation of  friends and family come to visit.

It’s quiet but a very welcome calm.  And dark outside.

He takes a break from his work to walk to the front door and beckon me outside.  “I want to show you something”, he says.

Curiosity forces me out into the cold and down the dark front steps holding his hand so as not to stumble.

“Now look up.”

Glorious dark sky and too many stars to count.  Only One knows the number.  He who created them and little me.

They shine brighter here where the lights of the city can’t dull their brilliance and splendor.

It’s just too awesome!

And it’s just so humbling.

He determines the number of stars; he gives to all of them their names.  Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.  Ps. 147:4-5

Emma’s Photo Shoot by Yours Truly

One of my favorite things about being interested in photography is being able to practice on my kids.  They are definitely my favorite subjects!  They make it interesting.  I’m not a fan of stiff posed photography at all.  I know sometimes you just have to and it can be useful but I love the candid shots, the unusual.  That’s the artsy fartsy me coming out again.  Blogger is telling me that fartsy is not spelled right with that red squigly line underneath.  😉  Ok, so it’s not a word.  Neither is squigly or Ok.  Well they count as words on this blog! 🙂

A week after Emma’s birthday we drove up to our property where we have been building our house.  I took my camera and we had our own little photo shoot.  Here are some of the ones I thought were the best.

081 073 068 065 053 046 039 034 022 016 081 065